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Cardiac monitoring can be lifesaving for people infected with COVID

Dezember 2020

An increasing number of clinical trials confirm that coronavirus infection often causes cardiological complications. One of the most serious of these is heart damage, which, according to a recent study by the American Heart Association, can occur among young people and asymptomatic cases as well. Cardiologists point out that the vast majority of patients who visit the doctor in time can be saved. However, timely detection of COVID complications is a serious problem.

There can be no signs of heart complications

Regular cardiac monitoring could be lifesaving for patients who have undergone COVID. They may feel no signs of complications affecting the heart, however during exercise and sports, arrhythmias or even sudden cardiac arrest can occur, so it is very important not to strain the heart early after illness.

Currently, one of the most advanced technologies available for early diagnosis and pre-screening is WIWE cardiac diagnostic device from EKG-mobil.at, which reliably detects arrhythmias, ventricular disorders, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), bradycardia (low heartbeat), and further symptoms of myocarditis. In addition, the device assesses the risk of stroke and sudden cardiac arrest and can also measure blood oxygen level and fitness status.

Cardiological disorders can even be screened at home

WIWE ECG provides the possibility of self-monitoring, screening and remote diagnosis, due to its business-card size it is easy to use anytime, anywhere. Users can follow the results on their smart device after a one-minute measurement with a free application. With regular screening, various parameters can be monitored, and if values deviate from the average or the trend worsens, it could be lifesaving to visit the doctor immediately.

WIWE also supports users with medical consulting service

Early diagnosis can be lifesaving - to support this, more screening programs have been launched at national level to assess the condition of athletes and patients who have undergone COVID, in which WIWE is planned to be integrated, so that cardiological complications can be treated in time. In addition, WIWE will launch a 24/7 medical consulting service for users, which will be available next year. WIWE owners have the opportunity to receive 24-hour online medical advice or phone and video consultation on any health issues.

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December 8, 2020